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Aug 19, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter is more than a hashtag. Kevin Fair and Keisha Howard sit down with The Captain and Michelle to share their perspectives on The Black Lives Matter movement .  The four of them talk about why it is so important to have sometimes uncomfortable conversations about topics like racial profiling, institutionalized racism, white privilege,  revisionist history, and even discrimination within the Geek culture.  It's not an accusatory conversation.  It's a conversation between friends looking to gain an understanding about another perspective.  Thanks to social media, you don't have to wait for a march on Washington or a political leader like Martin Luther King Junior to have a voice and show that you care.  Regardless of your stance on The Black Lives Matter movement, this is an important conversation worth listening to and having with others.  Help us keep the conversation going by sharing this episode and starting your own conversations about this topic as well.  
Resources (Official Website of The Black Lives Matter Movement) (The Emmett Till story mentioned during podcast)
#BlackLivesMatter  #RacialRelations  #UnitedWeFight, #EmmettTill #discrimination
Black Lives Matter, Racial Relations, United We Fight, Emmett Till, discrimination