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Feb 24, 2016

Making and maintaining meaningful friendships is something that many HSPs worry about.  Do we have enough friends?  Why do people like us initially, but then get turned off by our intensity?  In this episode, Michelle and The Captain tackle tough questions like these, as well as discuss how  introversion, ADD, anxiety, depression, and perception can  factor into the complexity of highly sensitive friendships.  If you have ever struggled as an HSP with making and keeping friends, then you won't want to miss HSP SOS #28!


Articles by Michelle Lynn
"I Will Rain on Your Parade"
"On Being Nice When You Can"
Articles from others 
"9 Rules for Being Friends with an Introvert" by Jenn Granneman

"HSP Topics: The Challenges of Friendships" by Peter Messerschmidt


"The Difference Between Being an Introvert and Just Plain Rude" by Sophia Dembling


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