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Jun 24, 2015

Michelle and The Captain discuss how Highly Sensitive People end up in toxic friendships and relationships.  They explain the HSP and Narcissist connection, as well as provide some useful strategies on how to let go of negative people and maintain healthy, balanced interactions with friends. The two of them also respond to Shipmate Lynn's questions related to feeling ignored and bullied in friendships and conversations.


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"How Highly Sensitive People Attract Narcissists and How to Disengage" by Jennifer Kass
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three and a half years ago

Im having issues getting the podcast to play. really looking forward to hearing from other HSP's! My boyfriend, both of my sons, and myself are all HSP. it is difficult living in a small 3 bedroom house with 3 other highly sensitive people sometimes! Even hearing one others inside voices can be overwhelming at times! Add the television and the kids arguing and the cat meowing, it can quickly reach pandemomium! I am hoping to attend school to become a teacher for highly sensitive kids. it was so hard for me to succeed in a public school setting as an Empathy with extreme sensitivities. with a nervous system that functions 20%above that of normal people it was total hell for me. my hope is that the next generation will not be forced into attempting to thrive in an environment in which even the remote chance for success is virtually impossible, as was the case for me!

three and a half years ago

Wow, I'm not alone...thank you! Thank you so so so much!